My Dancer Niece Sowmya






Sowmya has been learning the art of Bharatnatyam right from the age of 6. Interest in dance was noticed in her even when she was a 2yr old, which resulted in introducing her to the art of Bharatnayam at such an earlier stage. Sowmya’s natural talent helped her learn the art at a much rapid pace.

with Dr.Padma Subramanyam as a young girl

again with Dr. Padma at the Music Acdy.

Within a year she got an opportunity to perform solo in front of a large audience at Pondicherry ”GOODKNIGHT  INDIA FESTIVAL” that included some of the senior and leading artists of the day in the programme. Sowmya had her first public solo performance at the age of 7. She performed at the same festival for 3 consecutive years and her dance was telecasted on national ”RAJ TV”. Besides this festival, Sowmya continued performing at school and various other tages incl. Natyanjali, Mylapore Fine Arts and so on.

at Natyanjali and with Smt. Meenakshi Chitranjan

at Mylapore Fine Arts – Viswaroopa Dharshan


Having performed solo for many years, Sowmya had her formal ”Arangaetram” in JAN 2005 at  ”The MUSIC ACADAMY” Chennai, in the presence of Dr. PADMA SUBRAMANYAM. During her speech, Dr. Padma Subramanyam praised her performance and said, ”this girl is going to be somebody in the dance world and she is born to dance” and suggested Sowmya take dance as her career.


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