National Tribal Dance Festival 2019

India’s diverse tribal culture was on display at this festival.  This was only a fraction of rich tribal presence across the country. Over 1350  artists from 25 states participated in this 3 day festival in the city of Raipur in Chattisgarh. From the village square to an urban stage, it must have been a huge shift for the artists, but a smogasbord of colourful delight under one-roof for the atendees. I have been planning to visit these tribal communities in their villages to catch them perform in their natural settings, but for now, happy watched them under city-lights !

Slides below –


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More than five dozen tribal communities reside in Odisha. Duruva tribe lives in Koraput district.

Koya share similarities with the Dandami maria of Chattisgarh. Their dance is called Kummu Koya dance

Above dance is also known as Bison-horn-dance for the headgear made of bison-horns, feather and cowrie shells

Siddi tribes trace their roots to the Bantu community of Africa. They inhabit the western states of India. They are said to have been brought to India by the Portuguese and the Arab traders.  They perform this dance in worship of their deity Babagore.










Bot or Boto people of Ladakh perform the above

Thaiyyam is a highly elaborate ritualistic dance of the Malabar region of Kerala. It is mainly held in temple surroundings. It is mostly performed by the Adiya community.




Todas live in settlements on the slopes of Nilgiri mountains. The settlements are called Mund. 5 to 7 houses in each Mund. The half-barrel shaped traditional houses are built from grass, bamboo and cane. They are of only 3000 in numbers. Their shawl called puthkuli has extensive embroidery work by their women.


Singari is performed by the Kutia Kandha tribe of Odisha



Tadapa is made of Bamboo and palm leaves.

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