Kaziranga National Park, Assam

The world heritage park is a vast expanse of lush green tall elephant-grass and numerous water-bodies. There are 5 types of Rhinos occur in the world – white & black (2 horned and African), Javan, Indian (1 horned) and Sumatran( 2- horned), the last 3 being Asian. 2/3 of Asian (about 2000) occur in India and though poaching occurs for the prized ‘aphrodisiac’ horns, there’s a strong anti-poaching unit in place. Besides, Wild Buffalo, Elephants, Three types of deer, Monitor lizard, Tiger, the park is home to numerous species of migratory and endemic birds.



Hog deer                                         Ruddy Shelduck

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There is more to Assam than the one-horned Rhinoceros. Of the 1000+ orchids occur in India, a major of them are found in North-Eastern states including Assam. Kaziranga National Orchid Park houses more than 500 of them. And of course, the tea from Assam are sold world-over.

Orchid                                               Tea

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