Encounter – The Panigrahis


Sanjukta Panigrahi

Had lively conversations with them whenever they came on performance tour to New York – Sanjukta and Raghunath, great couple and wonderful beings,simple and down-to-earth and of course, I used to converse with them only in Tamil – Sunju surprised me with her Tamil the very first time we met at the Ganesh Temple in NY, a day after her beautiful show at the Asia Society.in the 1980s – feels like yesterday ! – I didn’t know their Madras-connection then.

Raghunath told me about his times in Kodambakkam Tamil film industry and he has sung some beautiful songs for yester year Tamil films – here is a melancholic one from the film “Aval Yaar” (1961) –


Quite amazing both gave up their chosen lines for Odissi and rightly so, Raghunath for film composing and Sanju, all the Baratanatyam training under Rukmini Devi at Kalakshetra

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