Hidden ones at Srirangam Temple…

Pudukottai 327


Srirangam, was there in the 1st week of Feb,2012 and though had been many times, noticed a few new that were overlooked in the past –

–   after passing Ranga-Ranga Gopuram (main one), the large mandapam that houses shops has a sign on the left ‘view point’, climbing up gives a grand view of all the towers + golden vimanam; On the lower level, can have a close look at some of the beautiful sculptures on the outer wall of the sannadhi (?) there

–         the tiny temple museum is worth the visit, old b&w  photographs and wares on display ; one of the photos showing granaries caught attention and on getting its location from the curator, reached there. No wonder missed all these years as it was off-limits during my years in Srirangam (as opposed to my boyhood days there, now every possible niche in the temple houses a deity with a archaka – obviously more revenue for the temple!). The massive granaries look Nayak, craning and peeping revealed a mini-jungle in

sure, people would know the Saivite presence in this staunch Vaishnavite center

– just a look at the Prsadam-stall and elephant-keeper would say it AND of course, the person plays the Veena at night to put Perumal into sleep is a smartha (though called Veena-Iyengar) and this family tradition continues for ages. I gathered the reason was due to the fact that the sects teamed up to defend the temple in times of crisis. Those who complain about not finding anything Saivite inside Vaishnava temples can take heart here

finally, a look at the cow-shed – would have accommodated in 100s during the h(a)ey-days but now could see only 3 or so ; engaging the konar in conversation revealed “the wealthy trust wasn’t paying enough attention”. On the contrary, the Annaika shed houses quite a number though their revenue pales in comparison (at Annaika, public is welcome to buy cattle-feed)

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